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Wow, I haven't had any time lately!

Ayeka & Ryoko have been keeping me so busy.. It's as if they expect me to make up for the time I'm gone from school...

Beth has been staying with us and it's really great. She and Tenchi are happy and she even helps me out. I told her she didn't have to, but she insists. I'm glad she does.

My sister and Ryoko really hate her.

I haven't seen Washu around, I think she's stuck in her lab... and Mihoshi is either with Kiyone on Patrol, or with Kagato.

But they still come over, so at least we get to see them. ^_^

But Ryoko and my sister.. don't tell them, but they're wearing me out. Even the students at school aren't this demanding!

I miss it there... I better get some sleep. I have to fix breakfast in the morning.

Busy busy!

I've been sooo busy. Jonathan, the new dojo, which I have a name for (have to clear it with Buffy first), and trying my best to avoid the fun demon stuff that reminds me of school. lol

I'm actually enjoying Sunnydale, I love it. It's just so.. unreal.

Anyway, I swung by Jonathan's this morning to um. meet Hannah, (Hey, I was curious) and I don't think she likes me. But I invited her to go shopping with me tomorrow, I mean she's new in town right? And when you're new, you need new things. It's like a law. Okay not really, but I'm a shopaholic so hush. And as customary for me, I'll even pay. I like to do that. Just ask my roommates from school.

That reminds me, I need to drop by The Magic Box. I want to see if there's anything neat I can get for my house or the dojo.

And in other news, Daddy is in town. He was in LA for some business and he decided to swing on down to see me. He wants to meet Jonathan too I think. Oh I hope he doesn't scare Jonathan away. Although daddy might get along with him, my father is a tricky one.

I have to have dinner with him tonight, hopefully we'll avoid any little Sunnydale problems.

Last night, I was coming home from The Bronze, I wanted to see the band playing that night, and I spotted that frost guy everyone is worried about. I guess it must have been after Buffy and Xander fled from him, cause he looked very.. pissed.

Suffice to say, I jetted away before he saw me.

Maybe I could buy some napalm to help take him out. I bet daddy knows some arms dealers.

Okay, no he doesn't, but it would be helpful about now wouldn't it? *grin*

Better head on to the Magic Box, I need to buy something to help calm me down before Daddy comes over.


No more school.
I'm going to be back home with everyone for the summer. Beth is coming to stay with us though!

It'll be nice to be home again, but I'm going to miss everyone!!
I can't wait for fall when Tenchi, Beth and I go back!

Kiyone & Mihoshi are staying at the school. There are some kids that have summer classes but not many. I offered to stay but they only need one cook and Tifa offered to take over for the summer since she lives here too.

I had a very wonderful time this year. Thank you Weirdbard and Silence for letting me help!!

I'll see you this fall!
And come visit me!
*waves to her Amazon bodygaurds*
You come visit me too!
Bye Mythe! Yes you're invited too!!

I'll try to post more here, but I think Ayeka and Ryoko are going to keep me very busy this summer to make up for my absence..


The first year of Weirdbard Academy is over.
I can finally concentrate on my new project.

Sunnydale, Ca.


Demons beware, why fear the slayer when you have cute little me?


School is officially out for me! For the summer anyway. lol
Tomorrow night is the Spring Formal...
And Sunday I'm heading out for Sunnydale. I've even rented out a house. It's a gorgeous little Victorian place with bay windows, a turret... the fun stuff.

Last week we had the big games, and we Weirdbard Cheerleaders won our competition.
As if there were any doubt!

Can I just say way to go Serena! She showed Vader who was truly queen of force.

I'm a bit hyper. I've been nibbling on M&Ms all day. :) Right now I'm chillin with roomie Buffy, her boy toy Xander, Tenchi, Serena and Beth in the Student Union. We're getting hopped up on milk shakes and mochas. lol

Oh! And happy fun news, I'm going to help Buffy with her Dojo! Sweet. It's too bad Terry's kinda bailing on her about that. I think those two are about to break up.

Um, have I said too much?

I hope not. I don't want Buffy to kill me. lol

So I'm going to spend the summer in Sunnydale, which will be great. I'll have yet another business under my belt for experience, (I have a boutique in Paris that daddy helped my open when I was 13. He let me do all the business details and the place is still earning me lots of income. :)

Major advantage to being in Sunnydale? Jonathan!! Ever the cutie. I adore that guy. I had Serena help me make something for him... yes you heard me, Serena. I needed her input for..

A lightsaber!

Oh come on, everyone needs one!! I have one. It's a white color blade. The one Serena and I made for Jonathan is green. Green is great and was one of the easiest for me to find (the crystal I mean), but I chose white for me because.. and this is silly I admit, it goes with everything. lol

Got to head out for now, Buffy and I need to go pick on Ranma. Laters!
My bad!
I've been extra busy here at school.
End of the year and all that.
I'm debating on what to do this summer.
Should I go and join my parents in Europe?
Or should I head out to Sunnydale?
I think it'd be more fun in Sunnydale.
But I'm not too sure.

Oh! Jonathan.. is suuuuch a cutie!! We've gone to see Spiderman & Episode 2. I had such a blast! Gave Jonathan a kiss too. He definitly deserves it. *giggle*

If I ask, do you think he'd go with me to the Spring Formal next week?

Speaking of which.. it's going to be a blast! Miss Daniels is in charge of the music and apparently she's got all kinds of live bands planned.
I'm on the dance commitiee, and can I just say the gym.. is amazing looking. The walls look like crystal and gemstones and give this gorgeous glow. There's a spring in the corner, and it has a multicolored waterfall.
These aren't homemade decorations either. We designed it and Silence waved a hand and bam, instant transformation. Very cool.

From what I know the chaperones are Master Skywalker, Master Windu, Headmistress Silence, Kid Stealth, Weirdbard, Reiko, and Dean Yale.
Of course everyone will be there. It's the last dance of our first official year of exsistence!
It's going to rock.

Oh get this, Serena has a light saber!! Apparently her Jedi training has paid off this year. She built herself one! The handle looks like one of her moon wands and the blade is pink! Sailor Moon, Moon Princess, Future Queen and Padawan! (Did I even spell that right? I need to brush up on my Star Wars spelling skills.) Heehee.

I kind of envy her. I want to be a Jedi. lol. But alas, I am merely a normal girl with no force poteintal and bad spelling.
Maybe I can still have a light saber. Commisioned maybe?

So here's more end of the school year news. We here at Weirdbard Academy have a busy weekend. We're having a HUGE contest with Lucifer Academy. Mech Wars, Football, Track & Field, Jedi Duels, Academics.. you name it. It's going to be a blast. It goes all weekend and some of the events even let the townies join in. All the proceeds go to various charities. Well, on our half. I think Lucifer Academy is plnning to horde thier earnings. Jerks. Then again the school IS run by Lucifer himself...

We cheerleaders are going to be working hard. No only do we cheer, we have a cheer competition with Luci's cheerleaders. I know Xena is our coach and with Buffy as captain we'll win, but I really don't like the looks Coach Callisto and her evil little team gives us. Bad vibes.

If anyone would like to come to the events, they start Friday night at 7 PM with Mech Wars. (Kid Stealth's Mech team vs Luci's I think. Im not positive, I'm not in the class or team. But get this.. SERENA is! She's actually a great pilot too! Go figure!)
Tickets cost $4. And passes for the entire weekend run for $30.
If anyone wants, I'll even pay your way if you want to see.

So ciao for now, Lunch hour is almost over and I still have a craving for more nachos! lol.

Another beautiful day.

Since coming to this place, I've found some neat things.
I've discovered I have a new favorite television show.
This science fiction show called Andromeda. It's pretty addictive I must admit. In fact I have it playing on the tv screens here in the Student Union.
There's not to many kids in here right now, most eat breakfast rather then the junk food and snacks we provide here.
I can't really blame them. Sasami's cooking isn't one to miss.

But it is fun. I'm not too much older then some of the students around here, so it's nice to interact with them. I think my best friend right now on campus is one of the new security guards, Iolaus. I've seen him on another tv show called Hercules.

When this place gets students and faculty from all over, they really mean it!

Iolaus is pretty nice. He's funny and he knows some martial arts. I'd like to say he reminds of the gang, but he doesn't.

Lets face it, not many of us were cheerful. At least not often.

Any way, I suppose I'll get to work. I have a few Sophomores wanting peanut butter and vanilla ice cream shakes for breakfast.

Go figure.

Hello everyone.

I'm Tifa.
I don't really attend this school, but I have been given the job of running the Student Union.

So if anyone needs anything, just let me know. Kay?
The boy is a fool.
The only reason I accepted him in my class is how he seems to be a monster magnet.

That boy will get himself killed if he doesn't hold his tongue in check. And since I can't take it out on my student, I shall focus my wrath on YOU.

Damnable fools. Tread carefully around me boy. I care not that you are a different one.

My Sunday thoroughly tanked.

Okay you so won't believe what happened.

For the record, I'm doing this at lunch, so I'm not skipping class.

I did my paper for French class, finished it up and was ready for a nice relaxing Sunday.


Guess who actually decided to visit.

Not my parents...*sigh* We have our share of problems but yeah I do love em. We just show it in our own ways. But moving on...

The grandparents came. Daddy's side. The overbearing social snobs. I can't believe I'm related to them!

They took one look at Alli and as soon as she ran off with Riley, they started in on the insults. Not flat out of course. But you know, those "innocent" comments in "conversation" types.

Then they started talking about how I haven't been talking to Gregory. He's this country club preppy extreme twit that I grew up with. I stopped talking to him back in junior high when he became super snob of the realm. Bleh. No thank you.

I explained to them that I wasn't interested in him and I never was.

"But he comes from such good breeding."

Breeding? So we're all cattle? Joy.

I told them that there was a guy I liked.

"He doesn't attend this school does he?" Add a look of disdain on their faces here.

"No. He lives in Sunnydale, CA. He's not in high school."
"What academy did he attend?"
"He went to Sunnydale High."
"...A public school?"
"Tiana, dear, we don't mingle with those... beneath our status."
"No Nana, YOU don't mingle with those who don't fit your pattern choice of denial. I hang out with whoever I want. No one's beneath me. We're all people."
"*gasp* Don't you talk to your grandmother that way young lady!"
"I'll talk how I want! You're the ones who badmouth my school, friends and everything else I happen to enjoy! The two of you are nothing but upper class morons who can't see past their own pathetic little delusions!"

After that I stormed off and spent the rest of the day in town with Tara (Zetra) and Beth. By the time I got back, Nana & Grandfather had left. Which is good because I was still ready to throw down.

Done now. Bell rang 5 minutes ago, but who cares. I needed to vent. Dr. Lecter says we should never keep things like this bottled up. And even if he does treat the likes of Jason, Michael Myers and other psychos, he knows his stuff.

See ya.