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In a total rush. Yes I am indeed.

The world of me.

Been working on a french paper due tomorrow.. ee.

I sprained my wrist yesterday in town. We cheerleaders were hanging out.. we were going to meet the guys later, celebrate our Xander's birthday, and I was in a shop and saw something fantastic for Xander! As in construction my 'real' world Xander. The one not at school. ;p

Any way, I was trying to get it off the shelf, when this stupid lousy jerk shoved me into the shelf!

Everything fell on top of me and wham. Sprained wrist. Dorothy got him good for that. She's totally loosened up.. less robot like. She called him a few names I won't repeat here.. and get this...

She found his car and removed the engine and put it on the roof of the store!

Anyway, I'm better now, Goldmoon fixed me up and it's like it never happened.

But I did get that present. So expect it soon Xander! I sent it in the mail along with some random stuff!

I'm probably going to stop by Sunnydale again this weekend.. same as before. Why? Because.. I like to!!

Plus.. heh. Alli wants to come. Fear the blue eyed babe.

Anyway, I have GOT to bolt. Peter is my lab partner in science this semester and he wants to get to class early so he can get a head start on whatever Miss Washu is planning today.

Oh!!! And Andrew.. sorry about missing your call!! *big hugs* That paper has kept me busy. Jean-Claude is a slave driver! I'll call as soon as class gets out this afternoon!! And yes.. Lightsaber lessons are in order!!!

I've been picking up a lot from Serena, and.. *gasp* Alli. She's not a Jedi, but she loves the moves. So do I actually.. lol

Yeah. you know.. I think I will go to Sunnydale after class Friday. Definitely. I want to hang out.

Okay, NOW I'm going. Really. lol. I hope Peter let's me grab something to eat..



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