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Ahh.. Sunnydale.

Like I said, I came back as soon as class was over & I delivered my books to my room. Grabbed my bag, swung by Beth's room and then had yes.. Imp 13 take us here.

Thankfully we got to ditch 13 as soon as we portaled to my house. Beth was smart enough to pull out a copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and 13 snatched it and bolted to one of the other rooms.

Sucker. So we tossed our things into our rooms and headed straight for some Mochas. We needed the fun factor of it all.

Then we swung over to the dojo, said hi to Buffy, and then stuck around till Andrew was done. We hung out with him and I treated him to *cackles* suuuuuugar! We three played video games for a bit before I ordered us dinner. Beth and him got along pretty well. But Beth gets along with everyone. Guess it's the whole empath thing. I dunno.

We took him to the Bronze too. Met up with Amy there and we hung out a bit before.. you guessed it.. PATROL!

Oh how I have missed you oh precious patrol.. *sniffles*
(Although I did talk Peter into taking me webslinging last weekend in town.. hehe. And NO I did not dress up as the Black Cat again Alli. ;p)

We found Gunn along the way and it was like a nifty fun patrol unit!

Andrew is getting better and I'm sooo proud of him. I got to see him dust 3 vamps! Go Andrew!!

Then we all kinda just headed for my place after patrol and just started talking and going on about nothing as we ignored the sounds of TRHPS wafting in from upstairs...

I'm sooo hopped up on sugar now.. and yes.. 13 is STILL rewatching that movie. I heard him singing along when I walked past his room..


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