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Oh my gosh!!

I totally forgot about this!

How could I be so stupid?

I've been sooo busy lately at school, I guess I totally forgot! Oh man, I'm such a ditz.

I really shouldn't be updating now, but it's my free period, and I'm soo tired from my Jedi class this morning, that working on my Preternatural report on Succubi is just not going to happen. I'd rather be here in the student union drinking a milk shake and surf aimlessly.

Hey look, that's just what I'm doing!

Master Skywalker and Master Windu are slave drivers. Luna is less rough on us scouts then they are on us trainees! (Although it was really funny when Master Skywalker tried to correct one of Xena's mistakes. She gave him a look that'd even make Rei hide!)

Ooh, gotta go, I see Duo coming in, and I need to hide before he tries hitting on me again. He won't take no for answer!

Maybe I should go ahead and let Tara handle him..

In a total rush. Yes I am indeed.

The world of me.

Been working on a french paper due tomorrow.. ee.

I sprained my wrist yesterday in town. We cheerleaders were hanging out.. we were going to meet the guys later, celebrate our Xander's birthday, and I was in a shop and saw something fantastic for Xander! As in construction my 'real' world Xander. The one not at school. ;p

Any way, I was trying to get it off the shelf, when this stupid lousy jerk shoved me into the shelf!

Everything fell on top of me and wham. Sprained wrist. Dorothy got him good for that. She's totally loosened up.. less robot like. She called him a few names I won't repeat here.. and get this...

She found his car and removed the engine and put it on the roof of the store!

Anyway, I'm better now, Goldmoon fixed me up and it's like it never happened.

But I did get that present. So expect it soon Xander! I sent it in the mail along with some random stuff!

I'm probably going to stop by Sunnydale again this weekend.. same as before. Why? Because.. I like to!!

Plus.. heh. Alli wants to come. Fear the blue eyed babe.

Anyway, I have GOT to bolt. Peter is my lab partner in science this semester and he wants to get to class early so he can get a head start on whatever Miss Washu is planning today.

Oh!!! And Andrew.. sorry about missing your call!! *big hugs* That paper has kept me busy. Jean-Claude is a slave driver! I'll call as soon as class gets out this afternoon!! And yes.. Lightsaber lessons are in order!!!

I've been picking up a lot from Serena, and.. *gasp* Alli. She's not a Jedi, but she loves the moves. So do I actually.. lol

Yeah. you know.. I think I will go to Sunnydale after class Friday. Definitely. I want to hang out.

Okay, NOW I'm going. Really. lol. I hope Peter let's me grab something to eat..


Ahh.. Sunnydale.

Like I said, I came back as soon as class was over & I delivered my books to my room. Grabbed my bag, swung by Beth's room and then had yes.. Imp 13 take us here.

Thankfully we got to ditch 13 as soon as we portaled to my house. Beth was smart enough to pull out a copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and 13 snatched it and bolted to one of the other rooms.

Sucker. So we tossed our things into our rooms and headed straight for some Mochas. We needed the fun factor of it all.

Then we swung over to the dojo, said hi to Buffy, and then stuck around till Andrew was done. We hung out with him and I treated him to *cackles* suuuuuugar! We three played video games for a bit before I ordered us dinner. Beth and him got along pretty well. But Beth gets along with everyone. Guess it's the whole empath thing. I dunno.

We took him to the Bronze too. Met up with Amy there and we hung out a bit before.. you guessed it.. PATROL!

Oh how I have missed you oh precious patrol.. *sniffles*
(Although I did talk Peter into taking me webslinging last weekend in town.. hehe. And NO I did not dress up as the Black Cat again Alli. ;p)

We found Gunn along the way and it was like a nifty fun patrol unit!

Andrew is getting better and I'm sooo proud of him. I got to see him dust 3 vamps! Go Andrew!!

Then we all kinda just headed for my place after patrol and just started talking and going on about nothing as we ignored the sounds of TRHPS wafting in from upstairs...

I'm sooo hopped up on sugar now.. and yes.. 13 is STILL rewatching that movie. I heard him singing along when I walked past his room..


Just a some tidbits before I head on over for breakfast...

I'll be swinging by Sunnydale after class ends Friday. Don't be surprised to see me around..with um.. well.. an imp hanging around. (We aren't allowed to leave school dimension without an imp) And I'll be bringing my pal Beth. She's pretty cool. She's got the whole super smart thing going and some kind of empath ability.

We're both bored and dateless this weekend (Tenchi, Beth's guy, is going to be at home) so that's why I offered to show her around Sunnydale!

So yeah, we'll be sticking around till, oh, Sunday afternoon, or early Sunday evening.

Got to talk to both Amy and Andrew (Whoo!!) I love them. Hee. I'm sooo treating them for um.. I dunno, anything lol, this weekend.

Any way, I'm like soooooo starving. So yeah. Food!!


Bored bored bored.

I spent an hour talking to Darien this afternoon...
I miss him!!
We talked about his classes, my classes, and my roommates.

We talked about other things too, but I'm not telling! ^_^

I did my homework (ugh, I HATE science.) and then I went to do some extra work on my mech!
*sigh* Duo hit on me again. I was hoping he'd be over it this year, but he seems to have gotten worse!

Tara threatened to "shove his head up his ass" if he didn't go away when she was trying to talk to me.

I should be asleep, but I'm too hyper. Buffy brought home a HUGE bag of gummi bears and oreos from when she and Xander were in town.


I guess I'll try to sleep. I have to be up early for Jedi training!

Greetings from school.

So here I am. Back at school.
And with new local.. comes a couple new icons. lol

I should be in bed, but thankfully classes don't start till Thursday.
Wednesday is kind of our.. finding our way day.

Dean Yale says it's so the new students won't get lost on the way to class. (Not like that's a problem, I mean there's like 666 imps and lord knows how many penguins around that can give directions)

Mom and I got here around oh.. Noon or so. We left early, took the limo and Harold drove us.


Of course that nifty portal that opened on the drive is what got us here. But naturally no one noticed it but me.

Alli was already here, and holy crap did she have news.. I won't mention it here, but it involved Disney World, violence, and a dead people.

Damn, I wish she'd invited ME!

Serena showed up not long after and they got into a cookie war so I fled to my room to avoid it. I got online and.. I got to talk to Amy! *waves*

So if anyone needs me, my aim name is xPradaQueenx

Buffy showed up late, apparently there was some weird apocalypse thing in her world.

But hey, it IS Tuesday. lol

Sent out some email...

Then we girls headed into town for the night. We hooked up with Tenchi, Scott, Tara, Xander, Kurt and Beth. Hung out a the kareoke/coffee shop... saw a movie.. (They were showing Friday the 13th part 4 in the Retro. It's a theater that only shows cult classics and horror movies)

Then we headed back and got back on campus like 10 minutes before curfew kicked in! lol


I really do love this place. We're having this campus shindig on Labor Day weekend.

I better go, because I've got to try and get some beauty sleep.



Don't get me started on the parents.
Although I love them and I'm glad to spend time with them, some things shouldn't be bothered writing about.

So instead I'll write great things.

I got my schedule for school! (returning students got to make early class requests)

1st Semester anyway.

Red Days- (those are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)

1st Period - Science with Miss Washu
2nd Period (Still science. Miss Washu gets an extra large class and she uses up 2 hours!)
3rd Period - Preternatural Biology & Lore 2 with Mr. Richard Zeeman (Werewolf or not.. daaamn. Hot!!)
4th Period - European History with Mr. Adam Pierson (Another major hottie!!)
5th Period - Drama with Miss Raina Daniels (Way cool. One of the most fun teachers on campus)
6th Period - Phys Ed with Xena
7th Period - Martial Arts with Hero (Yummy yummy..)

Black Days (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

1st Period - Trig with Lord Kagato
2nd Period - French with Jean-Claude (French, vampire... and hottie)
3rd Period - Preternatural Biology & Lore 2
4th Period - European History
5th Period - Study Hall with Headmistress Silence (In other words.. FREE PERIOD!!)
6th Period - Jedi Lore with Mace Windu & Luke Skywalker (It's mostly for those of us who aren't Jedi, but just want to learn about it)
7th Period - Martial Arts

Activities I already know I'm involved in this year:
Martial Arts Club, French Club, Cheerleading, Student Council, History Club, Preternatural Club.
We'll see if I make captain of the squad this year, but it's doubtful since Summers (err, not the Buffy everyone here knows but the AU one at school) is still interested in the spot.

I think I'll join the Demon Hunting Club this year. It kinda fits with my whole patrol thing now. Especially since I'm actually from a Buffyverse and didn't know it!!
We voted for the majority of Student Council in May. So this year..
Student Council VP!!

Also got my request for housing back too. YES!!
Still living in Ophelia Hall Suite 3D!!
And my roomies are once again.. Alli, Serena & Summers!
Go us!!

I know I'm bummed from leaving Sunnydale... but.. I'm also soooo hyped for school!!
Especially since we actually have a school to compete with now for the entire year!!

Weirdbard Academy vs Lucifer Academy.

And um.. okay, so those who have been reading this have probably been thinking I'm an insane pathalogical liar. Well, those who don't know where I came from anyway. Well I'll explain, okay?

Read on if you want the story & truth.Collapse )

I need a new theme.

My Aya from Parasite Eve icon/LJ bit is tired.
Something new might perk me up a bit.

Patrolling with Amy & Riley tonight, whoohoo!!
I totally need some action, especially after the news I got today.

My parents are coming down Monday.
For the rest of the summer.

Mind you, I've only seen Daddy once this summer and Mom not at all.. so I'll be happy to see them, but here? In Sunnydale??
Ee.. I have to hide my patrol gear!!

They want to spend time with me before I head off to school on the 27th.

That's 3 weeks of parents... heaven help me.

But luckily, that will probably dwindle to 1 week because there isn't anything for them to do here, and I KNOW Daddy will end up going away early for business.

I'm kinda sad I have to head back to school. I mean I LOVE the academy, and it IS my senior year, but I really love Sunnydale too.

Maybe I'll go to UC Sunnydale next year.
Yeah.. right. I'm a legacy to both Harvard & Yale... and the family biz is going straight to me...

Pressure pressure!

Hmm.. I'll have to figure something out...

Spent today with Jack, he's still the same as I remember him, only without the hair pulling and he's a babe. We played some video games at my house and I soo kicked his ass at Soul Caliber.

Go me go!

I got my registration forms for classes at WBA today too. I was coming out of the bathroom after a nice hot bath (this was AFTER Jack left, so don't get any ideas ;p) and I'm in my robe..

I swing open my bathroom door and theres an imp sitting at my vanity and looking through my stuff!!!

One look, and I spotted the fishnet stockings and I knew it was 13. lol.

I yelled at him for snooping and he gave some smart ass reply. Harumph.

He handed me the manilla envelope and told me that there were some new classes this year, and then he asked if I was cold and pointed to my robe.

Okay, yes it's a silk robe, thin and short, but damn it, nothing was showing!!! Unless he can see through it.. um.. imps don't have x-ray vision do they? I forgot...

So I smacked him with a pillow and grabbed my lightsaber, which was on my night stand, and he laughed and flew off into a portal he quickly opened.


Any way, I have a few things to do, like.. eat. lol. And get dressed... then I think I'll go out before patrol.



Dear Omnipotent Ruler,

We here at the Afterlife Postal Service do hereby regret delivering this message extremely late. Apparently, a certain Miss Washu had been trying to incorporate interdimensional mail services, but neglected to inform us. Hence, after the multitude of explosions here at APS One, we had to locate all items and ship them via pack mule (aka Dad). We are still picking up the pieces, sir. The mail you are receiving appears to be dated within the second week of classes at Weirdbard Academy.

Thank you for your time.

Eeyore Jr.
APS Consulate General


-Afterlife transfer mail-
Intended Recpient: God
Sender: Still one dead dude, Khai

Been a week or so since I checked in, I know, but I've been watching the craziness that's been occuring here for the past while. I won't bore you with the details, and I figure you already know everything anyway. Just to let ya know, tho', I'm heading off to New York City to browse around a bit. I'm getting this tingling, which by all acounts I shouldn't be, considering I'm pretty much FUBAR in the life department. So ya, I'll be seeing what's up. If ya want another round of chess, drop by, you'll know where to find me, as usual.

-end afterlife note-


Look, the blue haired babe is posting!

Bow before me!!!

All lesser children will tremble in my perky presence!!


So I was sitting here talking with my boy toy Riley, when I realize that summer is missing something.

What is it you ask?
Well I'm glad you asked!!!

We need.. A PARTY!!!!

Another party that spans the realities like Buffy's did!!

I've decided to throw my own.
Tell your friends, tell your enemies!!!

When is it going to be?

Um.. I'm not sure. Next Saturday sounds good doesn't it? Maybe?


Oh the fun that can be had!!!