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Greetings from school.

So here I am. Back at school.
And with new local.. comes a couple new icons. lol

I should be in bed, but thankfully classes don't start till Thursday.
Wednesday is kind of our.. finding our way day.

Dean Yale says it's so the new students won't get lost on the way to class. (Not like that's a problem, I mean there's like 666 imps and lord knows how many penguins around that can give directions)

Mom and I got here around oh.. Noon or so. We left early, took the limo and Harold drove us.


Of course that nifty portal that opened on the drive is what got us here. But naturally no one noticed it but me.

Alli was already here, and holy crap did she have news.. I won't mention it here, but it involved Disney World, violence, and a dead people.

Damn, I wish she'd invited ME!

Serena showed up not long after and they got into a cookie war so I fled to my room to avoid it. I got online and.. I got to talk to Amy! *waves*

So if anyone needs me, my aim name is xPradaQueenx

Buffy showed up late, apparently there was some weird apocalypse thing in her world.

But hey, it IS Tuesday. lol

Sent out some email...

Then we girls headed into town for the night. We hooked up with Tenchi, Scott, Tara, Xander, Kurt and Beth. Hung out a the kareoke/coffee shop... saw a movie.. (They were showing Friday the 13th part 4 in the Retro. It's a theater that only shows cult classics and horror movies)

Then we headed back and got back on campus like 10 minutes before curfew kicked in! lol


I really do love this place. We're having this campus shindig on Labor Day weekend.

I better go, because I've got to try and get some beauty sleep.



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