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Don't get me started on the parents.
Although I love them and I'm glad to spend time with them, some things shouldn't be bothered writing about.

So instead I'll write great things.

I got my schedule for school! (returning students got to make early class requests)

1st Semester anyway.

Red Days- (those are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)

1st Period - Science with Miss Washu
2nd Period (Still science. Miss Washu gets an extra large class and she uses up 2 hours!)
3rd Period - Preternatural Biology & Lore 2 with Mr. Richard Zeeman (Werewolf or not.. daaamn. Hot!!)
4th Period - European History with Mr. Adam Pierson (Another major hottie!!)
5th Period - Drama with Miss Raina Daniels (Way cool. One of the most fun teachers on campus)
6th Period - Phys Ed with Xena
7th Period - Martial Arts with Hero (Yummy yummy..)

Black Days (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

1st Period - Trig with Lord Kagato
2nd Period - French with Jean-Claude (French, vampire... and hottie)
3rd Period - Preternatural Biology & Lore 2
4th Period - European History
5th Period - Study Hall with Headmistress Silence (In other words.. FREE PERIOD!!)
6th Period - Jedi Lore with Mace Windu & Luke Skywalker (It's mostly for those of us who aren't Jedi, but just want to learn about it)
7th Period - Martial Arts

Activities I already know I'm involved in this year:
Martial Arts Club, French Club, Cheerleading, Student Council, History Club, Preternatural Club.
We'll see if I make captain of the squad this year, but it's doubtful since Summers (err, not the Buffy everyone here knows but the AU one at school) is still interested in the spot.

I think I'll join the Demon Hunting Club this year. It kinda fits with my whole patrol thing now. Especially since I'm actually from a Buffyverse and didn't know it!!
We voted for the majority of Student Council in May. So this year..
Student Council VP!!

Also got my request for housing back too. YES!!
Still living in Ophelia Hall Suite 3D!!
And my roomies are once again.. Alli, Serena & Summers!
Go us!!

I know I'm bummed from leaving Sunnydale... but.. I'm also soooo hyped for school!!
Especially since we actually have a school to compete with now for the entire year!!

Weirdbard Academy vs Lucifer Academy.

And um.. okay, so those who have been reading this have probably been thinking I'm an insane pathalogical liar. Well, those who don't know where I came from anyway. Well I'll explain, okay?

See, I was your basic ordinary rich, popular girl, with the soul of.. well.. a geek. Heehee.
I grew up oblivious to the demon world that really surrounds this place.

And then.. after I finished my Sophmore year in Switzerland, I got this invitation to attend Weirdbard Academy. I know, the name is totally strange, but I was curious. When I saw the classes you could take, I was in shock. It's a fan girl's dream!!

So I HAD to take it. I gave the information to my parents, and what they saw was totally different. Apparently the information is enchanted so that it's only the real deal for those it's meant for, and something else for others. All my parents saw was an up and coming academic heaven. Something that would look fantastic for me & my Ivy League bound ways.

So after I enrolled, I got the Official Student Information Packet. It explained how it was based in an alternate realty. In sort of a nexus if you well. And it's in Crystal Lake. And yes, on a world where Jason Voorhees does exist. But he's seeing Hannibal Lecter for his problems. Dr. Lecter is our school psychiatrist ya know.

Anyway, it's open to all sorts of people with super natural abilities or connections and stuff. We're taught the better things in life, and things no one else gets to know.

Our founder is a demon who used to be an angel in heaven. He has a soul so he's good. Our headmisstress is a goddess.

We've had God himself on campus too. He's a nice guy. So yes, I've met him. Very cool. Likes Armani.

Our teachers range from:
Immortals (Methos!)
reformed horror movie villains (Pinhead)
AU beings (We have a version of Riley here! He dates.. Alli. For awhile we thought he was THIS Buffyverse's Riley but we were wrong. Very confusing.)
tv (Xena, Iolaus, Clark, Lex *He does't attend school but he has a business in CL*, Dean Jarod Yale)
Book characters, (Raistlin, Jean-Claude, Mr. Zeeman, Goldmoon, Adon)
anime (Washu, Ranma, Serena, Duo)
comics (Peter Parker, Blink, Jubilee & Angelo, Hero)
cartoons (Scott Summers)
movies (Luke, Mace, Dr. Lecter)
video games (Ghaleon)
to dieties (Silence, Mythe, Aphrodite, Hephestus)

That's not the only examples, but they're the most prominent ones.
Crystal Lake started out as a small town haunted by Jason's sprees...

And Alex Morgan (the guy with cash backing the school) helped turn it into this bustling busy city.

There are jobs, things to do (we have a kareoke/coffee shop run by an AU of the Host) and people!!

We're also backed by God. See our academy is to create well.. heroes for the omniverse. But where there is good... there's evil.

That's where Lucifer Academy comes in. Lucifer himself started it. It's to keep the balance. Ya know, so the scales don't tip. Can't have one without the other!

Luci dishes out the villains. The've got lots of Star Wars villains housed there. The Emperor, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, you name it. Lots of Xena/Hercules villains too.

And the Master & Lothos from Buffy are there too.

They even do the cloning thing there.

Not a good thing.

Anyway, I've babbled on about my weird life now long enough.

So I'll shut up.

For now.



Weirdbard Academy

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