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I need a new theme.

My Aya from Parasite Eve icon/LJ bit is tired.
Something new might perk me up a bit.

Patrolling with Amy & Riley tonight, whoohoo!!
I totally need some action, especially after the news I got today.

My parents are coming down Monday.
For the rest of the summer.

Mind you, I've only seen Daddy once this summer and Mom not at all.. so I'll be happy to see them, but here? In Sunnydale??
Ee.. I have to hide my patrol gear!!

They want to spend time with me before I head off to school on the 27th.

That's 3 weeks of parents... heaven help me.

But luckily, that will probably dwindle to 1 week because there isn't anything for them to do here, and I KNOW Daddy will end up going away early for business.

I'm kinda sad I have to head back to school. I mean I LOVE the academy, and it IS my senior year, but I really love Sunnydale too.

Maybe I'll go to UC Sunnydale next year.
Yeah.. right. I'm a legacy to both Harvard & Yale... and the family biz is going straight to me...

Pressure pressure!

Hmm.. I'll have to figure something out...

Spent today with Jack, he's still the same as I remember him, only without the hair pulling and he's a babe. We played some video games at my house and I soo kicked his ass at Soul Caliber.

Go me go!

I got my registration forms for classes at WBA today too. I was coming out of the bathroom after a nice hot bath (this was AFTER Jack left, so don't get any ideas ;p) and I'm in my robe..

I swing open my bathroom door and theres an imp sitting at my vanity and looking through my stuff!!!

One look, and I spotted the fishnet stockings and I knew it was 13. lol.

I yelled at him for snooping and he gave some smart ass reply. Harumph.

He handed me the manilla envelope and told me that there were some new classes this year, and then he asked if I was cold and pointed to my robe.

Okay, yes it's a silk robe, thin and short, but damn it, nothing was showing!!! Unless he can see through it.. um.. imps don't have x-ray vision do they? I forgot...

So I smacked him with a pillow and grabbed my lightsaber, which was on my night stand, and he laughed and flew off into a portal he quickly opened.


Any way, I have a few things to do, like.. eat. lol. And get dressed... then I think I'll go out before patrol.


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